At the Apple Orchard

At the Apple Orchard

August 14th 2007

August 14th 2007
Welcome to our blog! Dave and I were married August 14th 2007 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. I can't speak for Dave, but I love being married! ~I am pretty sure he does too. :) It is so great to have someone to share my life with. We have so much fun together. We love traveling and spending time with our family and friends. Here is a little bit more about us...
Dave served a 2 year religious mission in the Dominican Republic. He then graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in business finance while also completing his pre-medical requirements. He attended Creighton University school of medicine. He started in the fall of 2009. He is now a resident in dermatology and internal medicine at University of Wisconsin hospitals.
I graduated from the University of Utah in Elementary Education. I taught 2nd grade at Bancroft Elementary. Bancroft is a great school and I loved working with everyone there. When Cole was born I decided to stay at home with him. I am loving every minute of my time with him.
We have made so many great friends in Omaha and in Madison. But we still love and miss our family and friends in Utah! We hope this blog will help them feel connected to us, even if we aren't around as much as we'd like to be. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cole's 1st Birthday Party!!

Today was Cole's birthday party for his 1st birthday. He had such a fun time playing with his friends, opening presents and eating (or at least making a mess with) his birthday cake.
We are so lucky that we have so many wonderful friends here in Madison. They have made the move and transition to a new state so easy and so fun.

Here are some pictures from the party.

 Claire, Eli, Cole and Jack

 Eli, Cole, Maggie and Jack

 Claire and Cole

 Mom and Dad blowing out the candle!! :)

 First taste of birthday cake!

 Nice cold milk to wash it down
 I love this picture because you can see all 7 of his teeth!! He never shows the top ones for pictures.

Linus, Cole, Dahlia and Olive

Cole will be 1 year old on Tuesday (February 25th). Cole has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives and Dave and I are so thankful to have him in our family. He is such a sweet kid.
Cole loves to give kisses. He is getting really good at climbing, walking, and even running. He is a pretty coordinated little guy. He has 7 teeth, and will have his first dental check-up next month. He loves being read to, and he loves reading to himself. He kisses pictures of little kids in books and magazines. And he kisses his friends too. He loves to wave and will wave to anyone and everyone. He claps and does  the "come here" sign, although he uses that for a wave sometimes. He has become a very picky eater and usually wants to feed himself, he likes to use the spoon, but he is not very good at actually eating that way. He loves the tv remote and i-phones. He throws a fit when you take a phone from him! He is getting pretty good at following directions, and will do simple things we ask him to do. He helps pick up toys and will go play with toys we tell him to go play with. Cole started taking swimming lessons in January and he LOVES them! He splashes and blows bubbles. It is great.


Vanessa Shannon said...

Oh my gosh! Thanks for the comment! Evan will be so excited to see that. Your little family is adorable - So great to hear from you!

curtis03 Lewis said...

Beautiful pictures! Happy birthday to the cute little kid. I am also looking for event locations for celebrating my son’s birthday, he is a grown up now, he will turn 12 this year, so I was looking for an outdoor place where kids can also enjoy some activities.